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Building Lasting Roofs Since 1980

Over the years we came to embrace our ability to solve roofing problems other contractors preferred to avoid. These service-oriented or repair jobs, while normally small in scale, require special skills. A rich knowledge of complex roofing system construction, and the ability to understand how water may travel underneath each system, is the key to our success. We are proud of our “sixth sense” for water infiltration solutions, a skill cultivated through decades of leak tracking experience. Through this focus on service we have seen every imaginable scenario of water entering a building through various and multiple layers of roofing (and other) surfaces. As a result we continue to improve the service we offer to our clients.
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Cooper Roofing Will Build In Any Weather

Cooper Roofing is on the cutting edge of the field, utilizing technology to aide in productivity. This picture shows our advanced radar system, which we use to help us work with the weather rather than against it. What is so special about a roofing contractor who focuses on service? For starters, there aren’t many like Cooper out there. While many contractors pride themselves on the sales of expensive roofing projects, few pride themselves on efficiently stopping a leak before a customer makes the mistake of costly re-roofing.

Speaking of re-roofing, we also provide world-class re-roofing projects including historical structures. Normally these jobs come on a referral basis from previous customers and their word of mouth endorsement. Our understanding of what causes roofing problems coupled with our devotion to service helps us execute re–roofing projects with a preventive mindset. This ensures the new roof you are getting is constructed with long-term performance in mind. Small, simple things that other contractors often overlook are important to those of us who understand that the nuances of exceptional roofing insure the longevity of your roof.

Cooper Roofing Corporation is moving forward! We are now well into our third decade of service in and around the greater Philadelphia region. In addition to our ongoing commitment to a “best practices” approach to roofing, our #1 goal is to maintain the integrity and reputation we have built over these past 25+ years.


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Need Roofing Service Help?

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