Tips For Picking the Best Roofing Materials for Your Commercial Space

When looking to update or install a new roof on your commercial property, it can be challenging to select the best material to keep the integrity of your building. There are a vast number of commercial roof types, from classic metal roofing to the popular TPO roofing systems. Several structural and climate factors will impact your selection, so let us help break it down. 

Consider The Shape Of Your Commercial Roof 

The slope degree of your commercial property’s roof is an important determining factor in what roofing system is best for you. Roofs are classified into two categories: Low Slope (Flat) Roofs or Steep Slope Roofs. The slope of your commercial roof affects the interior of the building, water drainage, and aesthetic appeal. Low Slope Roofs are most common among warehouses, shopping centers, and other large commercial spaces, and our commercial roofing contractors in Montgomery County, PA offer a host of systems that are optimal for your flat roof space. 

Evaluate The Climate 

To select the roofing system that will best maintain the integrity of your building, it’s important to consider the environmental factors that may impact your roof. Exposure to high winds, extreme temperatures, and long periods of direct sunlight can affect the longevity of your roofing system. 

Overview Of Popular Roofing Systems 

After considering the type of roof on your building and evaluating the potential climate factors in play, you’re ready to browse our most popular commercial roofing systems. 

TPO Roofing Systems

As our most popular roofing system, TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is an ultra-reliable single-ply roofing membrane. TPO is built tough with heat-welded seams to withstand high temperatures and UV rays. The natural fungal resistance of the polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber will protect your building from bacterial growth, maintaining the integrity and safety of your roof for longer. TPO comes in a variety of colors, as well, and is as cost-effective as it is protective of your building. For more information on high-quality TPO roofing systems or to see if it’s the right choice for your commercial building, contact our commercial roofers in Philadelphia

Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems 

Modified Bitumen roofing has been used in the United States beginning in the mid-1970s. This asphalt-based roofing system has multiple layers of protection, making them flexible and resistant to temperature and storm damage. Modified Bitumen roofing systems are quick to install in just a few layers, easily maintained, and cost-efficient for your business. 

EPDM (Rubber Roofing)

As a rubber roofing membrane, EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) is a durable synthetic option for your commercial space. Depending on the amount of direct sunlight your building receives, EPDM roofs come in white or black. It is a sun and pollution-resistant option that is both flexible and resilient, contributing to its ability to withstand the sun’s damaging rays. While the installation process of EPDM roofs is quite simple, these roofs are not equipped to handle heavyweights. If there’s a possibility of people walking on your commercial roof, one of our other roofing material options may be more suitable for you.  

Metal Roofing 

Metal roofing is one of the world’s oldest roofing systems for a reason. They are incredibly durable, attractive, and can withstand high heat, strong winds, and are impact resistant. Metal roofs have a typical lifespan of 40-60 years depending on the quality of maintenance. Despite being equipped with protective layers, without the proper upkeep metal roofs can become susceptible to corrosion which must be addressed quickly. 

Look At Warranties, Return Policies, and Replacement Policies

Some roofing materials are more durable than others, but even those with excellent lifespans may need some maintenance or repairs over time. Look closely at the warranties, replacement policies, and return policies each roofing contractor offers so you can make informed decisions to meet your company’s needs. 

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5 Smart Tips For A Longer Lasting Metal Roof

While a metal roof can last a long time and be extremely durable, it can be important to upkeep it regularly. It requires easy maintenance and little effort and time on your part. You can try these tips to increase the lifespan of your metal roof. 

Keep It Clean

Moisture can accumulate on the underside of the roof when moss and dirt stop water from running off. Besides this, leaves can trap moisture on top of the roof. All of this moisture can lead to rust. But cleaning your roof each year can help prevent dirt and debris buildup. Plus, keeping it clean can increase your curb appeal and lengthen the roof’s longevity. If you need help with repairs or something else, you can find professionals who are highly experienced with roofing in Valley Forge.  

Fix Leaks

Although leaks can occur in any place on a roof, you’ll usually find these around flashings and in the seams. Rusting and weathering happen when leaks aren’t repaired. You’ll eventually need to replace your roof when you have rust. But you can prevent having to replace it by fixing leaks early. 

Trim Bushes And Trees

Wind can cause bushes and tree branches to scratch against the roof and create cuts, dents, and other damage. With time, this can wear down the roof’s resistance and weaken it. This will mean it won’t protect your building enough. Therefore, trimming the trees and bushes can prevent future problems. 

Avoid Walking On It

Since walking on the roof regularly can lead to progressive damage, it’s wise to avoid doing this. Moreover, metal roofs can be slippery, which can lead to injury. But if you have to go up, read the manufacturer’s directions or ask someone about how to do it properly. You can save yourself from doing difficult tasks by hiring an expert in metal roofing near Harleysville

Inspect It Regularly

Inspecting your metal roof every three years can help catch problems before things become worse. This can save you plenty of money, time, and effort for possible future roof damage. In spring or fall, you can check the seams and panels for holes, rusting, leaking, or cracks. 

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Top 4 Roofing Materials That Can Provide Your Home With Durability And Style

One way to increase your home’s value and make it appear more stylish is to choose the right roofing material. A high-quality roof will last longer and be better able to endure extreme weather, among other things. It starts with understanding some of the most durable offerings of roofing materials. 

1. Clay And Concrete Tiles

Adding distinction and texture to your home can be easier if you have residential roofing company in Montgomery County, PA installing clay and concrete tiles for you. Clay tiles are heavy and durable and can be scalloped, ribbed, or flat. On the other hand, concrete is heavy, versatile, and less expensive. You may want concrete or clay tiles if you have a home that’s Spanish-style, Mission, Mediterranean, or Southwestern. 

2. Slate

If you enjoy being environmentally friendly or would like to get involved in helping the planet, getting a slate roof can be a great start. Not only can slate be recycled, but it’s also sustainable. Plus, it’s fire-resistant, extremely durable, and can last from 50 to 100 years. 

This roofing material can provide elegance and beauty to your home with colors such as purple, gray, black, green, and red. The advantages you gain installing slate roofing in Valley Forge can be worth the investment. 

3. Metal Roofing

For a roof that can endure harsh weather conditions, metal can be a superb choice. Metal roofs are installed with traditional 17” wide panels with a 1” raised seam. This is another eco-friendly option and it’s recyclable, has high solar reflectance, and is energy-efficient. 

The sleek look of metal can be chic on cottage-style homes, cabins, bungalows, and contemporary. It’s also fire-resistant and wind-resistant. Further, it can last up to 75 years and be completely worth the investment. 

4. Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are easy to install, economical, and highly popular. This roofing material can upgrade a home’s appearance by making it look more intelligent and appealing. It comes in many colors and pairs well with residential homes and other different architectural styles. The standard warranty of 50 years makes it a great roofing material option. 

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With so many roofing materials out there, no matter your choice, all of the materials will make a wonderful impact on your roof. Still unsure of what to do next? The experts at Cooper Roofing Corp can help! Contact us today!

The Benefits Of Slate Roofing

Roofing a house is more than just the cherry on top of a pie. It is as crucial as the foundation, structure, and design of any property. There is a wide variety of roofing styles for homeowners to choose from to finish their property in style. One popular style is slate roofing. 

Slate roofing is a technique that dates back centuries. It was initially a part of houses in the UK, the east coast, and New England. Today, we rarely see slate roofing on US residential properties because of its heavy price tag. Slate is a metamorphic rock composed of clay or volcanic ash, a high-quality natural material that is mined like granite or marble. Despite its high price, slate is a timeless material for a roof. 

Reasons To Choose Slate Roofing

Some homeowners prefer slate roofing, while others are unsure whether or not they want to look into it for their properties. Slate roofing has several advantages:

Classic Roofing Aesthetic

Slate roofing has a beautifully unique appearance that adds character to any property. It is considered a classic roofing material with varying sizes and thicknesses that compliment any structure. Slate roofing also comes in a wide range of pigments, including black, red, green, purple, grey, and sometimes a combination of colors. Choosing slate roofing for your home will increase its value since it is both expensive and visually appealing.


Slate roofings are often referred to as “forever roofs.”. Since they are composed of rock, clay, or volcanic ash, they can last from 75 to 100 years on your roof. However, a proper slate installation with professional roofers in Montgomery County, PA is key to a long-lasting slate roof. It is also crucial to make sure your property is structurally sound and can support the slate’s heavyweight. 


Since slate roofing is a type of rock, it is one of the most fire-resistant roofing materials available. Installing this non-combustible material will aid in ensuring that your property isn’t damaged by wildfires, fireworks, or house fires. Moreover, slate roofing is durable and does not attract insects like termites or carpenter ants. The dense stone absorbs very little water and helps prevent leakage as well. 

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Slate roofing can add to the aesthetic appeal and elegance of any property. It is a valuable and durable material for roofs with its long and proven history. However, deciding if this works best for your property is another matter.

We at Cooper Roofing will guide you through the process of choosing a slate roofing material for any of your properties. Slate roofing requires intensive care and an experienced team of roofing contractors to maximize its benefits. Our three decades of full-service roofing experience provide the best service to solve your roofing needs in the greater Philadelphia region. 

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5 Ways Cooper Roofing Corp Works for You

Roofing plays a vital role in the preservation of your property. When properly cared for, your roofing will quickly drain water away from sensitive structures, safeguard underlying building materials, and uphold an appealing aesthetic for years to come. Of course, that lasting quality is only possible with the right initial service, routine repairs, and timely replacements as soon as the weatherproofing begins to fade. 

Prepared with extensive material knowledge and an adaptable team of professional roofers in Montgomery County, PA that has seen it all, our proven roofing solutions revolve around long-term property preservation. Any roofer can patch a crack or slap some shingles onto the roof; we take the time to accurately diagnose the situation, design property-specific weatherproofing plans, and utilize the latest advancements in roofing materials to build lasting value into every home and business we upgrade. 

If your roofing is aging, damaged, or you’re in the midst of new property development, here’s how our team at Cooper Roofing Corp will bring out the best in your roofing.

1. Professional Planning & Collaboration

Instead of offering cookie-cutter shingles or thoughtlessly installing metal roofing panels, our strategic material selection results in durable protection. With every project, we consider the effects of the climate, and the angles of the roofing, and decide which materials will best support effective water drainage. In addition to our experienced material selection, we think it’s equally important that you are always included in the decision-making process. We make the defensive recommendations, but you will always have the final say in the beautiful style and budget-friendly roofing selection that’s right for you. 

2. Preventative Care is Our Speciality

Whether we’re managing an emergency leak repair or we’re assisting with brand new project development, our roofers are focused on proven prevention over knee-jerk replacements. If we can resolve the roofing issue with a better drainage plan or a fortified section of flashing, we always repair and maintain before recommending a costlier upgrade. Allow our honest experts to inspect and refresh the exterior before progressing to a more expensive (and often avoidable) action. 

3. A Greater Range of Roofing Options

With Cooper Roofing Corp on the job, you’ll have access to leading materials that are proven to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. While safeguarding your property with the newest styles, we can create a matching theme, implement multiple styles into a single property, and guarantee a stunning finish with any of the materials you like. 

4. Expansive Service Capabilities

There’s no roofing project beyond the scope of our professional roofers. From smaller residential roofing updates to campus-wide roofing installations, we are well-equipped to address your scalable roofing needs in less time. 

5. Fast & Friendly Assistance 

Our family company treats every roofing project as if it were a service for our own homes. When you get in touch with our honest team, you’ll find that our dedication to exceptional quality goes hand-in-hand with courteous guidance and deep respect for your time and budget.

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