Copper Roofing: What Is It And How To Maintain It

When it comes to building a roof, it’s important to find material that’s durable, easy to maintain, and ultimately complementary to your home. Copper is a high-quality material used for roof installations. This chemical element has been smelted for thousands of years, with societies like ancient Rome using copper for versatile architecture. At Cooper Roofing, our residential roofers are experts at copper roofing in Lower Merion Township and across the greater Philadelphia area.

Why Choose Copper?

Copper roofing comes with several benefits, namely durability, simple maintenance, and energy efficiency. Copper is a strong material that’s resistant to the weather, so it’s less likely to break as a result of storm damage than other roofing materials. This material has antimicrobial qualities that naturally combat bacteria, mold, and fungi. At the same time, copper tends to be lightweight and less stressful against the house’s frame.

There’s also the classic beauty that comes with copper roofing, with this material producing a gorgeous color and shine that catches the eye. Maintenance is low for copper roofing, with cleaners only needing a citrus cleaning agent and a soft brush to keep the roof spotless. While copper roofing tends to be more expensive than other types, it comes with a high level of efficiency when conducting heat and electricity. If you’re a homeowner looking to increase energy efficiency for environmental purposes, copper roofing is a solid choice.

How to Maintain a Copper Roof

Copper roofing requires minimal care. As a homeowner, you could use a broom or a large brush to sweep off any debris on the roof – including dust, leaves, and plant life. You could wash the roof with a citrus cleaner or a vinegar mixture, then water it off.

This kind of roofing is more susceptible to losing its luster as a result of sun damage or outdoor tarnishing. If you notice that your copper roof is beginning to tarnish from damage, then consider purchasing special coatings to protect it; the coating protection will sometimes need antioxidants or UV blockers.

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